Dr. Celia Lozano

Status: Post-Doc

Phone: 07531-88-3868


Room: P1019

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Konstanz under the supervision of Prof. Clemens Bechinger. My main research interests are in the experimental fields of Active Matter, Soft Matter, Granular Matter and Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics. In Bechinger Group, I study the behavior of self-propelled microsiwimmers in an inhomogeneous environment. To this aim, we use active colloids to understand the Active Brownian particles are capable of taking up energy from their environment and converting it into directed motion.

I completed my PhD thesis entitled 'Stability of clogging arches in granular materials under vibrations' in September of 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Iker Zuriguel and Prof. Angel Garcimartín in the University of Navarra (Spain). The motivation of this thesis is that when a group of particles flow through a bottleneck, they are prone to spontaneously developing clogs, even if the orifice size is greater than the particles. This is due to the formation of arrangements of mutually stabilizing sets of grains that appear at the bottleneck, which are called arches. To restore the flow, those arches must be shattered by an external perturbation. We also studied how to avoid the clogging formation. During my PhD studies, I worked in University of Manchester with Prof. Tom Mullin on the project “Granular segregation driven by particle interactions”. As a side project, I also worked in the University of Sydney with Prof. Fernando Alonso-Marroquin on the simulation of pedestrian dynamics using spheropolygons. Since August of 2014,I worked with Prof. Clemens Bechinger on Active Matter, first in University of Stuttgart, and since September of 2017 in the University of Konstanz.

Academic Career

- Since 2017: Senior PostDoc at University of Konstanz, Germany.

- 2014/2017: PostDoc at University of Stuttgart, Germany.

- 2013: Visiting Ph.D Student with Prof. Tom Mullin at the University of Manchester, UK.

- 2012: Visiting Ph.D Student with Dr. Fernando Alonso-Marroquin at the University of Sydney, Australia.

- 2010-2014 Ph.D. in Physics and Complex Systems co-advised by Prof. Iker Zuriguel and Prof. Angel Garcimartin. University of Navarra, Spain.

Scientific Awards

- 2015: University of Navarra Best PhD Thesis Award in Complex Systems in the academic year 2014/2015.


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