Johannes Berner

Status: PhD Student

Phone: +49(0)7531 - 88 - 3868

Room: P 1019


Johannes studied physics at the University of Bayreuth and finished his Bachelor in 2013 with an experimental thesis about “Surface Tension in Colloidal Clusters in Binary Systems”. During his Master thesis, he investigated a “Critical Magnetic Sensitive Lutidine-Ferrofluid-Mixture” and graduated in 2015. In the same year, he joined in the Bechinger Group at the 2. Physikalisches Institut of the University of Stuttgart as a PhD student. There he studies fluctuations of micron sized colloidal particles in a strongly non-equilibrium background.

Current research

The microstructure of a fluid can be driven far from equilibrium by inducing a local deformation by means of the particle. In this project, Johannes investigates the fluctuations of a colloidal particle driven by optical tweezers through a viscoelastic medium. Unlike in a Newtonian fluid, one observes a quite complex and physical rich behaviour due to the non-equilibrium background.