Tobias Bäuerle

Status: PhD Student

Phone: 07531-88-3866


Room: P1047


Tobias studied physics at the University of Stuttgart. In 2012 he finished the Bachelor program with his thesis “Setup and stabilization of a laser system for two-photon Rydberg excitation in Rubidium”. He started his consecutive Master program at the University of Stuttgart with an Erasmus exchange semester to Durham University (UK). In his master thesis he studied the “Physical limits of demagnetization cooling in quantum gases” and photo-association in Chromium.

After graduating as M.Sc. in 2014, Tobias decided to explore a different field of physics and started a PhD in the group of Prof. Bechinger in Stuttgart before moving to Konstanz in September 2017.

Current research

In his current project, Tobias investigates the properties of self-propelled Janus particles by live-updating their motilities depending on the current status of the system i.e. the positions and orientations of the particles. This can be used to steer particles and also to study collective phenomena emerging from the interaction rule that is used to calculate the motility.