Clemens Bechinger

Status: Professor

Phone: 07531-88-2955

Room: P1009


  • 1999: Habilitation in Experimental Physics, University of Konstanz
  • 1993: Doctoral degree in Physics, University of Konstanz
  • 1990: Diploma in Physics, University of Heidelberg

Academic Career

  • since 10/2017: Professor of the Physics Department of the University of Konstanz
  •  03/2003-9/2017: Professor and head of 2nd Institute of Physice, University of Stuttgart
  •  2000-2003: Lecturer at the University of Konstanz
  •  1995-1996: Research Associate at National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Denver, USA (DFG fellowship)
  • 1994: Research Associate at University of Konstanz

Research Interests

  • Phase behavior of colloidal suspensions
  • Quasicrystals
  • Critical phenomena
  • Non equilibrium statistical physics
  • Mikrofluidics
  • Transport through porous media
  • Evanescent light scattering
  • Gel Formation

Scientific Awards

  • 2016: ERC Advanced Grant
  • 2012: Renewal of Appointment to Max Planck Fellow
  • 2007: Max Planck Research Fellow at the MPI for intelligent systems, Stuttgart
  • 2000: Walter Schottky Prize for the investigation on structural properties and phase transitions with colloidal model systems
  • 1997: LBS Environment Prize for the concept and realization of a self-containted, smart window
  • 1995: Dornier Research Award for the PhD thesis on photochromic thin films


  • PRX Editorial Board Member
  • Member of the Liquid Matter Board of the EPS
  • Member of the Panel „Statistical Physics, Soft Matter, Biophysics, Nonlinear Dynamics” of the German Research Society


  • C. Bechinger, B. Gregg:
    Self bleaching photoelectrochemical-electrochromic device
  • D. K. Benson, C. Bechinger, C. E. Tracy: 
    Fiber optic device for sensing the presence of a gas
  • K. Holdik, C. Bechinger, P. Leiderer, E. Wirth: 
    Coating comprising a photochromic material, a method for its production as well as its use